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Juxtapose newsletter
2012. Printed on demnad. £3.95
4 pages
3 B&W plates
297 x 420 mm
Read the stories of the charchters in her most recent work. 
Barry the cockerel won the Bird of Business awards this year, and his campaign for promoting the beauty of pearls of wisdom has hit fever pitch. Meanwhile, Penelope is making final preparations to undertake the largest archeological expedition to discover the city of Atlantis, where she believes the first set of pearls will be found.
In conclusion, Andrew & Eric, the morphing octopi are busy filming the second series of ‘Think Tanks’. They are working with London Underground to provide used newspapers to new morphing octopi as they appear in parliamentary building and offices across the capital, reminding everyone that the solution to economic recovery is already here, if we look at it from a slightly different angle. 
2010. Limited Edition of 25 hardback, signed copies. £27.95
104 pages
58 colour plates
210 x 148 mm
Please, do gather round to listen to a story of excitement, trepidation and promise... Leaving the rich rural landscape, to track to the vibrant suburban delights; which awaited me and my loved ones in suburbia. Not all stories have a happy ending, does this one..? Well, my dear friend, I shall read on, and you will soon find out..." said the fox with a knowing smile
Flight Manual
2010. Softback. Single edition of 25 signed copies. £3.95
16 pages
9 colour plates
297 x 210 mm
This is the guide for an individual learning to take flight. Covering all aspects from finding the correct trajectory and safe launch sites; park bench is recommended, to  watching for dangers in the air space, including lamp posts. Wing safety checks and preservation techniques are discussed, as are takeoff performance statistics, safe launch sites and creating your very own hanger and crash log.
A Dictionary of Meaning
2006. Hardback. Single edition printed on demand. £9.95
54 pages
4 colour plates
148 x 105mm

Dictionaries can be thought of as archives, which document, record and categorise a wide range of information. The relationship between object and meaning is clear, precise and direct.
My dictionary is a new archive. Documenting the personal, private and special objects that one has within this post modern, consumer and object driven society. Using four groups of individuals, whose background links to preserving in the widest sense, were asked to give up to 10 objects that mean the most to them. Individual’s first initials create a new alphabet order.

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